Why you should include healthy fat in your diet

Most people believe that consuming fat equals raising the level of cholesterol in the body and lead to health issues. It is all about balance, excessive calories cause health problems but just like carbohydrates and proteins, fat is a type of nutrient required by the body.

The good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Bad fats on the other side include artificial trans fats and saturated fats; they increase the risk of developing diabetes and heart conditions. Saturated fats can be consumed in moderation and are found in chicken skin, red meat, tropical oils, butter among others. Some of the benefits associated with fats in the bodies include absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Zetaclear Treatment

Healthy fats are essential for gut health, especially coconut oil, it has lauric and capric fatty acids which are antibacterial and help the body eliminate Candida which causes fungal infections. Fat and oils are not only important in your diet but can also be used as home remedies to eliminate conditions such as nail fungus. Such oils include Tea tree essential oil, coconut oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil among others. Due to the effectiveness of these oils in fighting fungus, a team of researchers combined a number of them into one topical treatment known as ZetaClear to completely deal with the infection.

Where do we find fats in our foods?

There are different types of fats as mentioned earlier in this article and each can be found in different kind of foods. Monounsaturated fats are found in foods such as avocado, olive oil, peanuts, and rapeseed. Polyunsaturated are found commonly in plants such as nuts, vegetable oils, seeds and in some seafood. The oil present in plants has omega 6 while the oils from seafoods such as oily fish contain omega 3, which are essential fatty acids. Artificial oils are created through heating or chemical structural change and are unhealthy. Some amount of natural Trans fats can be found in beef, milk and is concentrated in cheese.

Losing Hair – You Need to Change Your Shampoo

Is your hair falling out in the shower? Follow our advice

Hair loss is something that happens to a lot of men but welcomed by very few. It can affect your confidence and acts as a stark reminder that you’re getting older; despite the fact it can happen to men of all ages.

Beautiful hair

Hair loss is primarily caused by two different hormones: dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and cortisol. DHT is derived from testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for your development. DHT binds itself to susceptible hair follicles, weakening them and inhibiting their growth until eventually, they cease to grow at all. Cortisol, on the other hand, is a hormone brought about by stress. In small doses, it’s actually a good thing, and part of our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. In today’s modern environment it acts a performance enhancer, increasing our reflexes and awareness. But continued stress produces too much and our body stops producing other hormones in favour of cortisol; including those that cause your hair to grow.

However, helps is at hand, simply by changing your shampoo and upgrading your shower routine.

  • Before jumping into the shower, apply a topical hair prevention solution, such as Provillus. All good hair prevention formulas contain a potent compound called minoxidil, which is shown to prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair and Provillus is no different in this regard.
  • Instead of any, old shampoo, select one that’s high in nutrients known for helping to grow, maintain, and repair your hair. This includes vitamins and minerals like zinc, niacin, biotin, vitamin B6, and sawtooth pimento. You can give your hair a helping hand, by searching out foods that are high in these nutrients too. Additionally, Provillus’ method of treatment involves a dietary supplement high in these nutrients and others. To discover more about what to look for in an effective shampoo, click here.

First aid in case of allergic reaction

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system reacts to foreign substances as though they were harmful to the body while in the actual sense they are not. These substances are referred to as triggers or allergens and vary from environmental conditions to foods or drugs.

Some of the symptoms a person is likely to experience when their body comes into contact with these allergens include watery eyes, itching, burning sensation, and sneezing. Oxyhives is a natural product with the ability to relieve these symptoms almost instantly; it has no side effects and can be used by any person despite their age. Sometimes these allergies can result in a life-threatening condition for some people, known as Anaphylaxis. It is characterized by hives, trouble with breathing, dizziness or fainting, swelling, nausea and fast heartbeat. Anaphylaxis requires quick medical attention or it could lead to death. While waiting for help someone can try performing the following first aid actions;

Hives treatment

  • If the person carries an epinephrine auto-injector, use it by pressing it against their thigh.
  • Let the person lie on their back and limit movement.
  • Use a blanket to cover the person after first loosening their clothing.
  • To prevent chocking especially if they are bleeding or vomiting, make the person lie on their side.
  • Perform uninterrupted chest presses preferably 100 per minute if the person is not showing any sign of movement or breathing until help arrives.

Dealing with other forms of allergies besides Anaphylaxis

Other allergic reactions such as hives, though not life-threatening may cause discomfort and at times pain in the affected area. Applying Aloe Vera on the area helps reduce the discomfort and with time heals the skin; other home remedies include the use of oatmeal and coconut oil. All these treatments including hospital treatment tackle the present condition, but have no ability to prevent any occurrences in the future. Oxyhives, on the other hand, tackles the root of the problem ensuring the hives do not erupt again in the near future. For better results use the spray as directed by the manufacturer.

When you should use supplements for hair loss

Thinning of hair is unnoticeable until the number of hairs removed when combing increase. This phenomenon is followed by bald patches. It is normal to lose few hairs daily but the presence of balding spots indicates the condition of alopecia. There are various hair loss treatments but Profollica stands out in addressing various problems that cause alopecia. As mentioned above, it is difficult to determine early symptoms of alopecia. So, when should you use supplements for hair loss?


If there is widespread hair breakage

According to the British Medical Journal, widespread breakage of hair is linked to hair shaft fragility. Disulphide and hydrogen bonds that hold structural proteins of the hair together are degraded by intense sunlight and chemicals. Once this happens, the strength of the hair is tampered with thus promoting hair breakage. How can you tell that you have widespread hair breakage? When your hair strands are not of equal lengths, you are definitely experiencing hair breakage. The Profollica supplements form a protective cover on the cuticle of the strand hence blocking ultraviolet rays and chemicals.

Heavy hair fall out

Hair breakage is not the same as hair fall out.  Hair fall out happens from the start of the strand while hair breakage is reduction in the strand length. It is easy to know if you are experiencing hair fall out. It can be triggered by running fingers through the hair. The root cause of this could be hormonal and a deficiency in iron. L-Glutamic Acid a component of Profollica reverses any hormonal changes in the body that could be triggering hair loss. L-Histidine another ingredient in this product helps the body in the absorption of iron and other essential minerals needed for hair growth.

Itchiness and soreness on the scalp.

This could be a sign of inflammation or infection on the scalp. Baldness caused by these two factors is known as scalp folliculitis hair loss. Supplements like Profollica have antibacterial and soothing properties that alleviate itchiness or soreness that could cause alopecia.

Addressing the three issues mentioned here with Profollica hair supplements will prevent and reduce baldness in a short period of time.

Tested eyelash growth products

Idol Lash

Eyelashes protect the most adored and sensitive organ of the body; the eye. Many of us would like have eyelashes resembling those of Disney princesses‘ characters. Unfortunately, this wish of ours is made impossible by the short anagen phase of the hair follicles on the eyelashes. The creativity in mankind has made the impossible happen. Believe it or not, there are scientifically tested eyelash growth products which have attained positive result after several clinical studies like Idol Lash serum. Tested eyelash growth products have been effective in increasing eyelash length by:

  • Boosting the epidermal growth factor

According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, epidermal growth factor stimulates eyelash trichomegaly (an increase in length, and thickness of eyelash), by stimulating hair cells growth when bound to its receptor site. Products like Idol Lash contain proteins and keratin which are essential in the manufacturing of hair follicles.

  • Improving the thyroid health

Hormonal changes when the thyroid health is jeopardized stimulate the conversion of eyelash hairs in the anagen phase to telogen phase faster than normal. In the telogen phase, the hair shaft is not attached to the hair follicle therefore it will fall out by simple things like touching. Among the ingredients of Idol Lash, is the kelp extract which contains iodine. Iodine regulates the thyroid hormones and boosts its health.

Kelp is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, thereby preventing loss of hair caused by these two factors.

  • Boosts prostaglandin levels in the lashes in the required level

The presence of prostaglandin compound in the lashes is linked to their trichomegaly. Though there are reported side effects of excessive use of this compound, tested eyelash growth products like Idol Lash, contain low amounts of prostaglandin, making it safe for use.

Many eyelash growth serums stop working when you discontinue their usage. So far, Idol Lash is the only tested product that has proven to give permanent results even after usage of the product is discontinued.

Over the counter hemorrhoids cures

According to the anatomy and physiology of hemorrhoids, everyone is born with them. They are located down the anal canal and they prevent bowel incontinence by engorging when there is a sudden increase in abdominal pressure, which may be caused by coughing or sneezing. They consist of connective tissues and smooth muscles but some hemorrhoids lack muscular walls.


Constant straining and pressure in the anal canal causes the degradation of the connective tissues of the hemorrhoids. This is manifested by protrusion of skin around the anal area and itchiness. At times it is accompanied by bleeding and pain caused by blood clots formed during the degradation process of the connective tissues. It can be quite uncomfortable living with such symptoms and embarrassing when expressing how you feel about a body part that is supposed to be private (the anal area). This is where over the counter hemorrhoids cures come in handy.  Most of them especially Venapro offer permanent relief and they don’t need prescriptions.

Below are reasons why Venapro is the best over the counter hemorrhoid cure:

  • It uses homeopathic approach in its treatment

This treatment is formulated scientifically to work within the natural healing process of the body. Degradation of the anal connective tissues could be caused by active enzymes in that area. Homeopathic approach used in this product ensures that the body builds a defense system against such attacks in future as it heals the damage done on these tissues. Other remedies offer relief for hemorrhoids but a homeopathic approach ensures that the symptoms disappear completely after treatment.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

Horse Chestnut, Arnica and witch hazel are some of the ingredients contained in Venapro. They suppress anal swelling and eliminate itchiness. The manufacturer took into consideration the importance of hemorrhoid in protecting the anal sphincter thus designed a formulation which improves overall renal health.

  • It offers quick relief to hemorrhoid symptoms

Venapro is formulated with ingredients which enter the bloodstream instantly.

People who have used this product reported a complete relief within five days of using the product. It’s an over the counter drug. Pick yours today and get rid of painful hemorrhoids.

Best age to start using a firming eye cream

According to studies exposing the skin to extrinsic factors like ultraviolet radiation results to premature skin aging. This phenomenon is augmented by oxidative stress on proteins, and a weakened defense against the protein macromolecular damage. Although genetics is linked to premature skin aging, gene expression is upregulated and downregulated depending on what the skin is exposed to. For instance if the skin is constantly exposed to strong sunlight or chemicals, then its inflammatory response and healing processes will be decreased. This explains why sun-protected skin either by sunscreen or clothes is flawless even with aging.

Revitol Eye Cream

What about the skin under the eyes which is thin and sensitive almost to anything? As long as it stays unprotected, it will be puffy, saggy and dark circles will form as well. The best age to start using a firming eye cream therefore, is anytime as long the skin is exposed.  Sometimes thin skin is vulnerable to internal body processes such that if something is wrong internally, it will be manifested on the skin. Below are the benefits of firming eye cream:

Protects the skin under the eye from oxidative stress

Dark pigmentation under the eye is linked to the oxidation of sebaceous tissue in that area. Antioxidants in these creams such as Revitol inhibit and reverse the effects of oxidative stress in that area. Dark pigmentation appears in circles because the skin under the eye is thin.

Retains and restore moisture in skin

Eye creams have considerable amounts of moisture that keep the skin well hydrated. For instance, Revitol Eye Cream contains vitamin B complex that retains moisture content.  A hydrated skin maintains its elasticity preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

Strengthens the skin barrier

As mentioned above, the skin under the eye is very thin. This means that skin cell growth is minimized hence the epidermal layer is not as strong as it should be. Compounds in Revitol Eye Cream such as niacinamide improve blood circulation in the area. Blood circulation stimulates growth of skin cells thus strengthening the skin barrier. Blood circulation minimizes blood leakage thus pigmentation due to this is reduced as well.

The best decision you can ever make to maintain the beauty of your eyes, is making use of Revitol Eye Cream.

When the male enhancement pills help

Men’s ego lies in their ability to sustain an erection and satisfy their partners during lovemaking. When this doesn’t happen, most marriages get in a precarious position and if not intervened, the chances of a divorce is high. Erectile Dysfunction is a silent ego killer for men because most of them don’t like disclosing such issues even to their spouses. This is when the male enhancement pills help especially over the counter prescriptions like VigRX Plus where there are no visits to the doctor.

VigRX Plus

The rigidity of an erection depends on the inflow and outflow of blood in the corpus spongiosum tissues of the penis. According to studies, nitric oxide is released in the corpus cavernosum tissues of the penis during sexual stimulation. This stimulates the conversion of guanosine triphosphate (GTP) by the enzyme guanylate cyclase into cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).  cGMP then induces smooth muscle relaxation allowing blood flow to the corpus spongiosum causing an erection. cGMP is then broken down to its inactive form GMP by the enzyme phosphodiesteras type 5 (PDE-5).

Men who cannot sustain an erection produce low amounts of nitric oxide. This means that cGMP is produced in low amounts and doesn’t stay in the system long enough to facilitate sufficient vasodilation and blood inflow to the penis, before it’s hydrolyzed by (PDE-5)  hence, short or no erection.

1.Inhibiting the action of PDE-5 against cGMP

Epimedium leaf extract is a compound in VigRX Plus male enhancement pill that contains PDE-5 inhibitors. These inhibitors block PDE-5 from docking into its catalytic site hence allowing cGMP stay active longer before it is hydrolyzed into its inactive form. The result of this is longer erection. Epimedium leaf extract stimulates the production of nitric oxide. This means that there will be more conversion of GTP to cGMP, vasodilation and blood inflow hence longer erections.

2.Bringing about a relaxation effect.

Some erectly dysfunction cases are brought about by depression. VigRX pills contain aphrodisiacs such as damiana, gingko biloba, panax ginseng, saw palmetto, catuba bark extract and muira pauma bark extract. Aphrodisiacs stimulate the signaling of hormonal pathways associated with relaxation and good feeling such as serotonin.   

Clinical studies conducted on these male enhancement pills suggest that they are 100% effective with no side effects.

How to cure nail fungus fast

Do you wear closed shoes all the time due to nail fungus and can’t wait to restore the beauty in your nails? Millions of people suffer from this condition so you are not alone. Toenail infection occurs if the keratin of the nail is infected by the fungus on the keratin of the skin. After reading this article, you will be getting rid of yellow/cloudy, crumbly and painful nails once and for all.


According to British Association of Dermatologists, toenail fungus infection may take a whole year to get completely cured. But with the right combination of treatment, that time period could be cut down to few weeks. The nail matrix of the toenail is covered with layers of protective proteins. A severe nail fungus infection could penetrate these layers and reach the matrix making the infection severe. In such cases, treatment could be difficult especially if the patient has a weak immune system.  As mentioned above, only the right combination of ingredients as those found in ZetaClear will cure nail fungus fast, and they include;

  • Undecylenic acid

This compound occurs naturally in castor bean. It has strong microbial properties and has been proven scientifically to cure nail fungus. Undecylenic acid inhibits the biofilm formation of nail fungus and crumples the cell surface of these microbes.

  • Essential oils

Almond oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, and jojoba oil, are potent antiseptics and antibacterial agents. They are effective in killing microbes and preventing further breeding of fungus on your toenails.

  • Mancinella

One of the symptoms of toenail fungus is nail discoloration. This component minimizes discoloration and aid in growth of healthy nails.

  • Sulphur

Where microbes are involved, tingling sensation is unavoidable. Sulphur minimizes itching which could make nail infection worse. It is also a great antiseptic thus making it an ideal part of nail fungus treatment.


Compounds mentioned here can be used alone but that would make them less potent. Combining them into one element is what can make them effective in curing nail fungus fast. This combination can be found in ZetaClear, the only recently discovered product that clears nail fungus in weeks.  This product comes in form of a cream and oral spray ensuring that nail fungus is cured both inside and out. There is no better way to restoring the health of your nails than using ZetaClear nail treatment.

How do female enhancement pills work

The female sexuality is a complex system intertwined in both internal and external factors that make sexual arousal and orgasm impossible to some women. Based on the report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, women who suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD) experience sexual desire more often which is different from sexual arousal. They never initiate sexual contact and the distress associated with FSD takes toil on their emotional well-being as well as their relationships. As serious as it sounds, is there a way to defeat these symptoms? Let’s find out how female enhancement pills work to address these issues.


  1. By creating a hormonal balance

Did you know that hormonal imbalance is among the leading causes of FSD? Enhancement pills like Provestra have licorice root and gingko biloba extracts which are phytoestrogens in nature. Phytoestrogens stimulate estrogen production when less of it is in the body and enhance its metabolic pathway when more of is in the system. Did you know that hormonal imbalance causes infertility, hot flashes and early symptoms of menopause? When all these factors are taken care of, then a feeling of goodness and wellness is promoted in the body.

  1. By enhancing the general wellness of the body

When your system doesn’t respond according to your desires, something could be wrong with your body. Most female enhancement pills are packed with vitamins, biotin, minerals and potent herbs which promote the well-being of the body system. Female sexuality is affected if the health of the liver is jeopardized. Licorice root, a component of Provestra, blocks degrading substances from entering the liver. Other ingredients like damiana leaf extract and valerian root are aphrodisiacs and they stimulate relaxation in the body.

  1. By suppressing anxiety and depression

Just like in men, the sexual health of women is greatly affected by anxiety and stress as well. Biotin and other vitamins in Provestra like A and E increase serotonin levels and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Stimulating body relaxation from the effects of damiana and valerian root is a perfect way for addressing depression.