Best age to start using a firming eye cream

According to studies exposing the skin to extrinsic factors like ultraviolet radiation results to premature skin aging. This phenomenon is augmented by oxidative stress on proteins, and a weakened defense against the protein macromolecular damage. Although genetics is linked to premature skin aging, gene expression is upregulated and downregulated depending on what the skin is exposed to. For instance if the skin is constantly exposed to strong sunlight or chemicals, then its inflammatory response and healing processes will be decreased. This explains why sun-protected skin either by sunscreen or clothes is flawless even with aging.

Revitol Eye Cream

What about the skin under the eyes which is thin and sensitive almost to anything? As long as it stays unprotected, it will be puffy, saggy and dark circles will form as well. The best age to start using a firming eye cream therefore, is anytime as long the skin is exposed.  Sometimes thin skin is vulnerable to internal body processes such that if something is wrong internally, it will be manifested on the skin. Below are the benefits of firming eye cream:

Protects the skin under the eye from oxidative stress

Dark pigmentation under the eye is linked to the oxidation of sebaceous tissue in that area. Antioxidants in these creams such as Revitol inhibit and reverse the effects of oxidative stress in that area. Dark pigmentation appears in circles because the skin under the eye is thin.

Retains and restore moisture in skin

Eye creams have considerable amounts of moisture that keep the skin well hydrated. For instance, Revitol Eye Cream contains vitamin B complex that retains moisture content.  A hydrated skin maintains its elasticity preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

Strengthens the skin barrier

As mentioned above, the skin under the eye is very thin. This means that skin cell growth is minimized hence the epidermal layer is not as strong as it should be. Compounds in Revitol Eye Cream such as niacinamide improve blood circulation in the area. Blood circulation stimulates growth of skin cells thus strengthening the skin barrier. Blood circulation minimizes blood leakage thus pigmentation due to this is reduced as well.

The best decision you can ever make to maintain the beauty of your eyes, is making use of Revitol Eye Cream.