First aid in case of allergic reaction

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system reacts to foreign substances as though they were harmful to the body while in the actual sense they are not. These substances are referred to as triggers or allergens and vary from environmental conditions to foods or drugs.

Some of the symptoms a person is likely to experience when their body comes into contact with these allergens include watery eyes, itching, burning sensation, and sneezing. Oxyhives is a natural product with the ability to relieve these symptoms almost instantly; it has no side effects and can be used by any person despite their age. Sometimes these allergies can result in a life-threatening condition for some people, known as Anaphylaxis. It is characterized by hives, trouble with breathing, dizziness or fainting, swelling, nausea and fast heartbeat. Anaphylaxis requires quick medical attention or it could lead to death. While waiting for help someone can try performing the following first aid actions;

Hives treatment

  • If the person carries an epinephrine auto-injector, use it by pressing it against their thigh.
  • Let the person lie on their back and limit movement.
  • Use a blanket to cover the person after first loosening their clothing.
  • To prevent chocking especially if they are bleeding or vomiting, make the person lie on their side.
  • Perform uninterrupted chest presses preferably 100 per minute if the person is not showing any sign of movement or breathing until help arrives.

Dealing with other forms of allergies besides Anaphylaxis

Other allergic reactions such as hives, though not life-threatening may cause discomfort and at times pain in the affected area. Applying Aloe Vera on the area helps reduce the discomfort and with time heals the skin; other home remedies include the use of oatmeal and coconut oil. All these treatments including hospital treatment tackle the present condition, but have no ability to prevent any occurrences in the future. Oxyhives, on the other hand, tackles the root of the problem ensuring the hives do not erupt again in the near future. For better results use the spray as directed by the manufacturer.