How do female enhancement pills work

The female sexuality is a complex system intertwined in both internal and external factors that make sexual arousal and orgasm impossible to some women. Based on the report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, women who suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD) experience sexual desire more often which is different from sexual arousal. They never initiate sexual contact and the distress associated with FSD takes toil on their emotional well-being as well as their relationships. As serious as it sounds, is there a way to defeat these symptoms? Let’s find out how female enhancement pills work to address these issues.


  1. By creating a hormonal balance

Did you know that hormonal imbalance is among the leading causes of FSD? Enhancement pills like Provestra have licorice root and gingko biloba extracts which are phytoestrogens in nature. Phytoestrogens stimulate estrogen production when less of it is in the body and enhance its metabolic pathway when more of is in the system. Did you know that hormonal imbalance causes infertility, hot flashes and early symptoms of menopause? When all these factors are taken care of, then a feeling of goodness and wellness is promoted in the body.

  1. By enhancing the general wellness of the body

When your system doesn’t respond according to your desires, something could be wrong with your body. Most female enhancement pills are packed with vitamins, biotin, minerals and potent herbs which promote the well-being of the body system. Female sexuality is affected if the health of the liver is jeopardized. Licorice root, a component of Provestra, blocks degrading substances from entering the liver. Other ingredients like damiana leaf extract and valerian root are aphrodisiacs and they stimulate relaxation in the body.

  1. By suppressing anxiety and depression

Just like in men, the sexual health of women is greatly affected by anxiety and stress as well. Biotin and other vitamins in Provestra like A and E increase serotonin levels and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Stimulating body relaxation from the effects of damiana and valerian root is a perfect way for addressing depression.