How to cure nail fungus fast

Do you wear closed shoes all the time due to nail fungus and can’t wait to restore the beauty in your nails? Millions of people suffer from this condition so you are not alone. Toenail infection occurs if the keratin of the nail is infected by the fungus on the keratin of the skin. After reading this article, you will be getting rid of yellow/cloudy, crumbly and painful nails once and for all.


According to British Association of Dermatologists, toenail fungus infection may take a whole year to get completely cured. But with the right combination of treatment, that time period could be cut down to few weeks. The nail matrix of the toenail is covered with layers of protective proteins. A severe nail fungus infection could penetrate these layers and reach the matrix making the infection severe. In such cases, treatment could be difficult especially if the patient has a weak immune system.  As mentioned above, only the right combination of ingredients as those found in ZetaClear will cure nail fungus fast, and they include;

  • Undecylenic acid

This compound occurs naturally in castor bean. It has strong microbial properties and has been proven scientifically to cure nail fungus. Undecylenic acid inhibits the biofilm formation of nail fungus and crumples the cell surface of these microbes.

  • Essential oils

Almond oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, and jojoba oil, are potent antiseptics and antibacterial agents. They are effective in killing microbes and preventing further breeding of fungus on your toenails.

  • Mancinella

One of the symptoms of toenail fungus is nail discoloration. This component minimizes discoloration and aid in growth of healthy nails.

  • Sulphur

Where microbes are involved, tingling sensation is unavoidable. Sulphur minimizes itching which could make nail infection worse. It is also a great antiseptic thus making it an ideal part of nail fungus treatment.


Compounds mentioned here can be used alone but that would make them less potent. Combining them into one element is what can make them effective in curing nail fungus fast. This combination can be found in ZetaClear, the only recently discovered product that clears nail fungus in weeks.  This product comes in form of a cream and oral spray ensuring that nail fungus is cured both inside and out. There is no better way to restoring the health of your nails than using ZetaClear nail treatment.