When the male enhancement pills help

Men’s ego lies in their ability to sustain an erection and satisfy their partners during lovemaking. When this doesn’t happen, most marriages get in a precarious position and if not intervened, the chances of a divorce is high. Erectile Dysfunction is a silent ego killer for men because most of them don’t like disclosing such issues even to their spouses. This is when the male enhancement pills help especially over the counter prescriptions like VigRX Plus where there are no visits to the doctor.

VigRX Plus

The rigidity of an erection depends on the inflow and outflow of blood in the corpus spongiosum tissues of the penis. According to studies, nitric oxide is released in the corpus cavernosum tissues of the penis during sexual stimulation. This stimulates the conversion of guanosine triphosphate (GTP) by the enzyme guanylate cyclase into cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).  cGMP then induces smooth muscle relaxation allowing blood flow to the corpus spongiosum causing an erection. cGMP is then broken down to its inactive form GMP by the enzyme phosphodiesteras type 5 (PDE-5).

Men who cannot sustain an erection produce low amounts of nitric oxide. This means that cGMP is produced in low amounts and doesn’t stay in the system long enough to facilitate sufficient vasodilation and blood inflow to the penis, before it’s hydrolyzed by (PDE-5)  hence, short or no erection.

1.Inhibiting the action of PDE-5 against cGMP

Epimedium leaf extract is a compound in VigRX Plus male enhancement pill that contains PDE-5 inhibitors. These inhibitors block PDE-5 from docking into its catalytic site hence allowing cGMP stay active longer before it is hydrolyzed into its inactive form. The result of this is longer erection. Epimedium leaf extract stimulates the production of nitric oxide. This means that there will be more conversion of GTP to cGMP, vasodilation and blood inflow hence longer erections.

2.Bringing about a relaxation effect.

Some erectly dysfunction cases are brought about by depression. VigRX pills contain aphrodisiacs such as damiana, gingko biloba, panax ginseng, saw palmetto, catuba bark extract and muira pauma bark extract. Aphrodisiacs stimulate the signaling of hormonal pathways associated with relaxation and good feeling such as serotonin.   

Clinical studies conducted on these male enhancement pills suggest that they are 100% effective with no side effects.