When you should use supplements for hair loss

Thinning of hair is unnoticeable until the number of hairs removed when combing increase. This phenomenon is followed by bald patches. It is normal to lose few hairs daily but the presence of balding spots indicates the condition of alopecia. There are various hair loss treatments but Profollica stands out in addressing various problems that cause alopecia. As mentioned above, it is difficult to determine early symptoms of alopecia. So, when should you use supplements for hair loss?


If there is widespread hair breakage

According to the British Medical Journal, widespread breakage of hair is linked to hair shaft fragility. Disulphide and hydrogen bonds that hold structural proteins of the hair together are degraded by intense sunlight and chemicals. Once this happens, the strength of the hair is tampered with thus promoting hair breakage. How can you tell that you have widespread hair breakage? When your hair strands are not of equal lengths, you are definitely experiencing hair breakage. The Profollica supplements form a protective cover on the cuticle of the strand hence blocking ultraviolet rays and chemicals.

Heavy hair fall out

Hair breakage is not the same as hair fall out.  Hair fall out happens from the start of the strand while hair breakage is reduction in the strand length. It is easy to know if you are experiencing hair fall out. It can be triggered by running fingers through the hair. The root cause of this could be hormonal and a deficiency in iron. L-Glutamic Acid a component of Profollica reverses any hormonal changes in the body that could be triggering hair loss. L-Histidine another ingredient in this product helps the body in the absorption of iron and other essential minerals needed for hair growth.

Itchiness and soreness on the scalp.

This could be a sign of inflammation or infection on the scalp. Baldness caused by these two factors is known as scalp folliculitis hair loss. Supplements like Profollica have antibacterial and soothing properties that alleviate itchiness or soreness that could cause alopecia.

Addressing the three issues mentioned here with Profollica hair supplements will prevent and reduce baldness in a short period of time.